CUNNING PLANS : a space to write it down and make it happen


When I was 17 (or thereabouts), I created my first business card. The business had no real direction, other than to have cunning plans; sometimes I wonder whether I’ve come very far in the ensuing 25 years!

The number of notebooks that I have started filling with ideas and almost never finished is ever growing and will attest (as will my long suffering husband) to the number of cunning plans I have had over the years: a children’s bookshop, a spa and a world food cafe, to name three at random.

One day, just maybe, I will settle on something, finish a notebook and open the doors to paying customers…or perhaps (sometimes more enticingly) I will happen upon the cunning plan that allows me to have cunning plans every day, without ever having to choose just one.

Some years ago, a dear (and very wise) friend, Anna Phillips, gave me a book…Write it down, Make it happen by Henriette Anne Klauser…so, after several stop-start attempts, here goes…


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