On an unassuming pedestrian road in the unassuming village of Panormo, on Crete’s north coast (roughly half way between Iraklion and Rethymno), lies a secret that the whole world should know about!

Run by the equally unassuming couple, Konstantinos and Irina, Relaxika Massage is a little piece of heaven on earth to rival any other.

Irina – sitting behind a Balinese inspired front desk, flanked by carved wooden screens – offers a warm and understated welcome, alongside her wide eyed, smiling baby son and adorable little girl.

After a brief but comfortable wait in the small waiting room, Konstantinos leads me to the equally eastern feeling therapy room – candlelit and filled with soothing music and relaxing aromas.

But this is nothing compared to the immense skill and deftness of hand (and elbow when necessary) that he commands during the massage.

I don’t say this often but Konstantinos offers one of the best massages I have ever been fortunate enough to receive…and I was trained by (and alongside) some of the best therapists there are. His gift is heaven sent and delivered with the kind of gentleness I imagine angels possess.

Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean this is a light and fluffy massage – there were moments of eye-watering relief when the tight spots were identified, manipulated and oh so blissfully released.

My treatment was a unique blend of deep tissue, Thai yoga and what feels like Japanese amatsu massage, interspersed with gentle rocking and brushing. But this is a holistic massage so each one is different and tailored to the needs of the client on that given day.

I could wax lyrical for hours but suffice it to say that if you are ever in this part of Crete it is worth making the pilgrimage to Relaxika to discover the secret for yourself!

Massage treatments Offered: Holistic Signature Massage / Reflexology / Lymph Drainage / Aromatherapy

30-90min appointments / €25-70

Additionally offer beauty treatments (by Irina)


Text to book: +30 693 214 1055 / +30 283 405 1073





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