I missed my last meditation circle, which always leaves me feeling out of sorts, to some extent or another. This time though, I was unable to attend, not due to work (which is always a real downer) but as I had just landed in Crete, my home from home island in the sun.

Being here, on the beautiful north coast – between Iraklion and Rethymno – in the mountains with expansive views to the rugged shoreline, across the sea and beyond – is a perfect place to tune into this month’s theme: renew.

The air itself seems to hold restorative powers for me but the added peace and quiet of solitary moments on the sun lounger looking out on the watery horizon or up into the jagged mountains works a treat in bringing me a sense of renewal.

And then I focus more directly on the theme – just for a few moments – so that I might send a message, to be shared with the others in the group, and this comes to me:

I Renew
by Karen Abi-Karam, Crete, 13-09-16 

With each breath

Out with the old and
In with the new
With each night
Sleep with the moon and
Wake with the sun
With each lesson
Lose an old belief and
Gain fresh perspective
With each life
Die a sacred death and
Live to learn again
I renew
Each day and

Is this what it means to renew ourselves throughout our lives? Time to ponder a little more…


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