Sometimes in my working life (and my private life too, if I’m honest) I find myself having the most surreal conversations trying to explain exactly what it is that I do.
Case in point…yesterday in the office, during a meeting to seek legal input on a PR campaign we’re planning, I found myself having to explain the premise, role and workings of PR as a communications channel (let alone the creative idea) to a seasoned lawyer who had no semblance of understanding as to what on earth I was talking about… literally none
When we moved onto the Twitter competition, the poor guy’s head nearly exploded. What he thought of the rambling woman sat across him speaking gobbledegook is anyone’s guess… and I didn’t ask
As a touchstone to “the man in the street” he made me realise (again) that the bulk of my days are made up of jargon and “insider” terminology…whether that’s the fabricated language of operationalizing projects (I use the “z” on purpose as this is a US invention) or the numerous esoteric words to explain nuances in energy of the therapeutic world. 
Is plain English the answer or would that destroy the mystique (aka: justification and/or importance) of what we all do all day?!

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