WORK-WORK-LIFE BALANCE : Musings on the sublime and ridiculous of my corporate-holistic career

The perfect balance some people call it; a three-day corporate week with time to explore other passions.

Sometimes I agree and revel in the juxtaposition of opposites that my life as an Independent Celebrant, Holistic Therapist, Doula and part time PR Consultant affords me. Other times I reel at the irony of hot footing from an over running meeting to a meditation class or smile at the incredible fortune I have at witnessing a baby born one day and flying to Mexico for business in the same week.

Mostly, I laugh at the bizarre similarities that the meeting room and the therapy room share all the while holding on as tightly as I can to the part-time-ness of the PR work which, all too often, is part-time only in my own inaccurate definition of it.

One day, I tell myself, I’ll pick a side (of the fence) and enjoy the greener grass. And, one day, possibly, I may even stop adding tools to the toolkit (which currently stands at around 10 certificated courses – that’s one every other year since graduation – and many more besides) and get on with doing the things I’m trained to do.

Until then, I offer the stories of my work-work-life balance for your amusement!


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