HOLISTIC HAPPINESS (for Mind, Body & Spirit) : Meditation Reflections & Therapy Reviews


Having received countless treatments (OK, if you insist, I’d say around 200 hours) over 13 years of training (with the Academy of Natural Health, formerly of Neal’s Yard, London and the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand, amongst others), personal practice and as a paying customer, I often describe myself as a professional “receiver” of therapeutic treatment.

I am by no means an expert though and there is always something new to learn about giving oneself over to the healing powers of a particular therapy, from a particular therapist, on a particular day; just as there is as a “giver” of any such care.

Add to this, years of attending meditation groups with many, many hours of practice tuning in to how things feel, plus an instinctive pull towards all things holistic and I hope you’ll find my reviews and reflections of interest.

As ever, I’m always open to new modalities and therapists so please send your suggestions and I’ll give them a whirl…after all, “nothing ventured…”, as they say!


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