THINGS “WHAT I NEED” : From Coveted Items to Shiny New Purchases


No self-respecting lover of champagne (or Prosecco for that matter) doesn’t have a list of things that are necessary in life; from my ever so stroke-able Smythson folio, purse or card holder (used for building pass!) to my ever growing stash of Jo Malone scented candles (roast chestnut is my absolute favourite for its ability to evoke the spirit of Christmas in five minutes), not to mention my signature scent – Kenzo Amour – in what’s quite possibly my favourite shaped item of all time (I keep the empties as ornaments!).

Now, I know full-well that these things do not line the path to true happiness but therein lies the ultimate contradiction of the champagne hippy as they most definitely bring with them a fair degree of joy; and for that reason alone, they is things what I need (excuse the poor grammar!)…and I am sure, in this, I am not alone…am I?!


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