I had thought of combining this category of posts with Things “what I need” but, although I absolutely need my stationery, my love of paper, pens and associated accoutrements runs much, much deeper.
I’ve called this¬†My Stationery Vice because I have been known to lust over everything from a pencil case to a highlighter pen…and don’t get me started on my beloved Sharpies or my keep for best drawer full of every conceivable shape and colour of notebook, it’s hard to know which I crave more.
However, as I sit and ponder, I wonder whether perhaps my passion for stationery does more to define me as a person – a planner, an organiser, a thinker, a writer – or rather, acts as the tool through which I am able to communicate with the world.
The notebook I choose for a specific project matters, the style of writing implement is also of vital importance, as is the choice of paper clip or noticeboard pin and let’s be honest, not all post-it notes were created equal.
Now, how does this square with someone who writes a blog and not a newspaper column?! Well, I do adore the sleekness and simplicity of the iPad that I’m tapping away at right now and the reassuring omnipresence of my Blackberry PRIV – not just because of their good-looking yet functional ways but because they allow me to communicate with people.
However, I am an old fashioned girl at heart and though I do prefer to write electronically these days, I still need the Logitech wireless keyboard for the iPad and the slide up function that reveals the PRIV’s crowning glory – a tippy-tappy keyboard with actual keys (please, please don’t take it away from me with in the next evolution!).
So whilst technology has its place, it does not, in any way, have me fawning over it in every shop window I pass, or reduce me to a giggling pre-teen with pocket money to spend. It’s stationery that makes me swoon every time, apart from my husband (of course) and Rob Lowe and Patrick Dempsey (amongst others) but let’s not go there!

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