I guess it’s the same with any movie (or book, or song or piece of art for that matter) but this weekend, while watching a film I’ve seen countless times, I heard a voice. Not literally, in hushed but audible tones as if from the trees in the garden, but in a more existential way.

This wasn’t a great intellectual awakening, you understand; not from this film. It was more of a simple ah ha moment. The kind you get when you figure out how to get that last bag of grocery shopping in the car boot, after wrangling with it for what seems like hours!

Well, I’ve been wrangling with the duality of my career for many years. When I say duality I mean the increasing number of bags (of tricks) I’ve been amassing; wondering how to fit them all – neatly or otherwise – into my working life.

This movie is famous for three lines (or at least they’re the three I remember most from it) and this time around, all three added together to deliver a pretty direct message that I simply can’t ignore any longer.

If I do ignore this message then I’m clearly in need of a talking to (by existential voices and others…including my own!); there have been many messages over the years that I’ve wafted past, taking just a hint with me and holding it for just the briefest of times.

This time though, after a couple of months of this message from various places (meditation, dreams, light bulb moments), I cannot escape the path that opens up before me; to take me to a place where the hippy side pays its way to reassure the champagne side that it will be OK.

The lights have been switched on, the shape of the idea becomes clearer in the mist and I’ve put pen to paper (and now a blog post into the ether) so here I go:

If I build it, they will come to heal their pain, so I must go the distance.

The film…Field of Dreams…of all things!

It may not be a masterpiece of a movie nor the message hidden beneath layers of subtext but a message (wherever it comes from) is still a message which must be listened to...isn’t it?!


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